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Alecz Adams has been working professionally with horses for over 30 years. On the West Coast, she was a successful competition and professional rider in English equitation, jumping and dressage, Western pleasure, reining, trail, and many gymkhana events. During those years, she also worked as a horse trainer, private riding instructor, and ranch manager in central California and southern Oregon.

Alecz Adams

After arriving in Colorado in 1995, Alecz expanded her training programs to include the Rocky Mountain experience – particularly the amazing winters, traditional shamanic training, and many natural, Native American techniques. In 2003, she formed the company Soaring Spirit, and began to introduce her program Equulinguistics to the world. Equulinguistics is an educational program utilizing both verbal and non-verbal communication in inter-training horses and people to promote deep mutual understanding and safety. Alecz spent several years working with Mountain Lodges of Peru, the number one equestrian tour company in Peru. During her time there, she designed and manually built many of the tour’s first horseback routes. She also was the trainer for both the horses and the staff, as well as a guide.

Alecz launched Destination Rescue in 2012, a program created to help small Horse Rescues grow and integrate into their communities. This program helps each rescue find their niche and create unique programs for their area. Mountain Valley Horse Rescue is where the first program was implemented, bringing people to the rescue to experience the horses' therapeutic qualities. Since then, Alecz has become a rescue horse trainer and instructor for MVHR, as well as one of Eagle County's Health and Human Services first official Equine Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding providers. 

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Karma was part of a neglect case in New Mexico, and was brought to Harmony Equine Center after the State Vet shut down the facility she was at in New Mexico. 

Karma came from Harmony Equine Center, Find out more about Harmony Equine Center Here