Alisha Cottingham

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Alisha Cottingham

Name: Alisha Cottingham

Barn Name: Code of the West Equestrians

Alisha is a horse trainer out of Alabama. She is a graduate of University of Wyoming and now a permanent resident. She has extensive experience showing on the Alabama Hunter/Jumper circuit and others down south and along the east coast. Alisha started riding horses when she began walking. She has been training for 6 years, and specializes in hunter/jumpers, dressage, and equitation. She is a member of The Jockey Club and has worked with mustangs, quarter horses and other various breeds. Alisha has also attended and participated in multiple clinics from top professionals including George Morris, Peggy Weldon and Clinton Anderson. She loves turning unwanted, neglected and misunderstood horses into top quality horses that can go ride a trail or compete at top shows around the country. Her favorite quote is by George Morris: “Think of riding as a science, but love it as an art”. Alisha takes this quote and works with every horse with that on her mind.

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