Brenna DeGeer & Rufio

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Brenna DeGeer grew up in a tiny town called Burns, Wyoming and spent every free minute she had riding horses, roping and going to rodeos. Since then, she has had the good fortune to work for numerous horsemen, training facilities and ranches from Texas to Montana. Beyond a childhood of roping and rodeo, Brenna has ridden and trained cutters, versatility ranch horses, reiners, reined cow horses, a limited number of pleasure horses and a bunch of good usin’ horses.

Brenna Degeer

Horses are her reason for life and she is so grateful every day that they are also her way of making a living. Recently, Brenna started her own business training horses in LaPorte, Colorado. DeGeer Stock Horses LLC has been a dream, long in the making, and she invites anyone to come be a part in it!

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Rufio was an owner surrender after the owner realized that Rufio needed an experienced trainer and many miles. Rufio was surrendered to Colorado Horse Rescue Network where he could receive basic ground manners. 

Rufio came from Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Find out more about Colorado Horse Rescue Network Here