Brian Sprague & Sangria

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A Colorado native, Brian was always around horses. He joined the Army out of High School and served for 7 years. After his return, he was finally able to get back to the rural lifestyle he enjoyed. After a short stint in Texas, Brian decided to start his own horse training business: Bent Arrow Horsemanship. Though he began his knowledge in Natural Horsemanship, he has expanded more into a classical horsemanship training regime and it has allowed him to connect to the horse in ways he had never imagined. After competing in the 2016 Make-Over, he learned that no matter how nice of a horse he had turned out that every horse has their day, and that day was not his horse’s day. But the mare he trained went to a home and he couldn’t have asked for a better one, so the end result was amazing. 

Brian Sprague

Brian is an avid member of the horse community; he organized and put on a Memorial Horse show in Longmont in memory of Ashley Doolittle, and he is a member of the Boulder County Fair and Rodeo Royalty committee. He believes that our horse community, both rodeo and show, are on the rebound and are being revitalized by youth. Growing up in 4H and FFA, he knows that the horse community will remain strong and feels happy and privileged to be known as a part of it.

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Sangria came from an owner surrender situation. The owner opted to send the horse to a rescue in Colorado so they knew the horse would be well taken care of and find a great forever home. 

Sangria came from Safe Landing Horse Rescue, Find out more about Safe Landing Horse Rescue Here