Brittany Brown & Frisco

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Name: Brittany Brown

Barn Name: B Premier Horsemanship

Brittany has been described as a “city girl” from Arizona; that description has never stopped her from pursuing her passions or desires to be around animals, but more specifically horses. From a young age she always had a book, video, magazine, in regards to horse care, well-being, training showing or health. At 10 years old, she started researching the cost of a horse and started multiple small businesses to attain the goal of owning or riding a horse. At the age of 11, she was able to attend an agriculture school in which she was able to care for the horses before and after classes. 4-H was introduced to Brittany at this time and only continues to grow her passion. She started to volunteer at a non-profit therapy ranch in which she was given the opportunity to learn how to ride, care, and train the horses for a few hours of work each week. Within a few months, she was given more responsibilities and her mentor continue to challenge her with horses and she soon became a Senior Volunteer, responsible for the care, evaluation, and training of all horses. Brittany’s mentor continued to push her towards bettering her riding, training, and teaching abilities in western and English disciplines.

From this program, Brittany was introduced to Tom Gay, a natural horsemanship trainer, who fine-tuned some of her training abilities. At 15, she started a horse that no one could saddle with Tom’s assistance; the horse became a therapy horse. Tom told Brittany “anything is trainable and you could have good horses . . . but to be unstoppable you must have trust and a partnership”. This stuck with Brittany as and Tom helped her create a side retraining and lesson program.

Brittany attended Scottsdale Community College’s (SCC) Equine Science program where she was able to work with nationally known reining, dressage, pleasure, trail, hunter/jumper breeders, trainers, athletes, and judges. This broadened her horizons of different aspects in training and also brought strength to once weaker training areas.

In 2012, Brittany moved to Colorado to further her education at Front Range Community College as a certified veterinarian technician and also Colorado State University. She started working with private owners to retrain or tune-up their horses and provides lessons. She also became the head trainer and program manager for a local equine rescue, in which she oversaw the care, training, and re-homing for all equine members.

Although she didn’t grow up around horses, she has still been blessed with many years and many experiences of working with different trainers and breeds. Brittany has seen so much unforgiving training and living situations, which fuels her passion and reminds me that my initial training is to gain a partnership with each horse. To this day, she still desires to watch a horse she has worked with arise out of a less desirable situation; become the star they were born to be, and to share the experiences with those who want to learn. 

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Horse’s Name: Frisco


Age: 5 years old

Rescue: Mountain Valley Horse Rescue

Frisco came to Mountain Valley Horse rescue from the auction as an unhandled stud. Frisco is now gelded, cute and gentle. 

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