Brittany Brown & White Lightening

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Brittany, better known as B, has studied, worked, and observed many trainers, breeders, judges, and athletes to create a well-rounded approach to her program. Through focusing on consistency, trust, and respect, a solid foundation can be established through ground work as well as under-saddle. This allows the owners and horse to have the necessary base to proceed in any direction.

Brittany Brown

Having worked with private owners and rescues alike, Brittany has provided the opportunity for every horse to reach their full potential. Recently, after the rescue she trained at closed their doors, Brittany branched out on her own, training out of Fort Collins, CO. She continues to support rescues by providing her services to them at special rates.

Brittany has also continued her education in the equine industry both in Fort Collins, CO and Scottsdale, AZ to fully understand its many aspects. She has focused her studies within the health, maintenance, and behavior/training areas. Along with education, she will always continue to share her passion and experience with anyone who want to learn.

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White Lightening was part of a Humane Society case in New Mexico and was then transferred to Harmony Equine Center for rehabilitation. 

White Lightening came from Harmony Equine Center, Find out more about Harmony Equine Center Here