Brittnee Woodward

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Name: Brittnee Woodward

Brittnee Woodward

Barn Name: Old Glory Ranch

Born and raised a Colorado native Brittnee Woodward has been training and rehabilitating horses for the past 10 years.

Born September 19th 1985 Brittnee grew up in Elizabeth, Colorado. Obsessed with horses from a very young age her first job was working for Sherry Snead at the SS ranch in Elizabeth mucking stalls and learning as much as she could about horsemanship. Brittnee moved on from there to become a welder and steel Fabricator at her family’s welding shop but continued to pursue her horse career after work at the X2 ranch in Sedalia, Colorado. 

Brittnee was given many opportunities at the X2 ranch including rehabilitating and restarting horses that came from bad circumstances. She became versed in finishing barrel horses, and was very successful in training and selling performance horses for the X2 ranch. As her knowledge of horse training grew she was offered a job with the Denver polo club training thoroughbreds and re-starting off track thoroughbreds.

In 2007 Brittnee married Charles P. Whitehead and also purchased her first horse, a gelding named Romeo from an auction in Grand Junction. It was at this time, Brittnee realized her heart was in rescue horses. She was invited to work as a volunteer trainer for Zumas Rescue Ranch and successfully started several horses for the non-profit. Brittnee was so motivated to work with rescues she devoted every spare minute of her time to reading and watching as many books and videos as she could about training.

Brittnee Continued to purchase project horses from the auctions; including her winning local barrel racing horse “Ruger” who was purchased from the Peyton auction. The team went on to win reserve champion at the T4 Barrel races his first year racing as a 5 year old. During this time she also took on many private rescue horses to train and re-home all funded by her own dime.

In 2012 Brittnee and Charles purchased their first home. A beautiful horse property in Conifer, Colorado; Sadly the beautiful buckskin gelding that she loved so dearly “Ruger” passed away due to colic during her housewarming party. She was not discouraged and immediately went to the auction and purchased a mare and foal pair who were severely starved. She successfully rehabilitated the pair with the help of Dr. Barbara Page at the Colorado Equine Clinic. The mare was started under saddle and adopted; the foal Brittnee kept until a proper home was found in 2014.

In 2013 Brittnee was asked to train rescue horses for Denkai Animal Sanctuary. Brittnee took on many projects from Denkai and was successful in starting and finishing several horses for the nonprofit. She enjoyed working with Denkai. She was also asked to be a board Member for the Colorado Horse Rescue Network, A network of good horseman, and women who devote their time to purchasing horses from the local auctions, Craigslist, as well as other places in hopes of rehabilitating them and adopting them out. Brittnee has consistently devoted her time, skills, energy, knowledge and money to help the rescue network; she can be depended on to donate her training to any rescue horse in need, as well as her truck and trailer for transport. Brittnee is well known for traveling to rescues and doing weekend clinics to help start horses, or simply to do problem solving. She enjoys passing her knowledge on to others so that they may help themselves.

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