Byron Light

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Byron Light

Name: Byron Light

Barn Name: Code of the West Equestrians

Byron comes from a horse/ranch background. He is currently the co-owner of Code of the West Equestrians and head trainer for Wyoming Horse Project. Byron has been training most of his life, starting out with helping his family, and now as a dad he trains with help from all his kids. He wants quiet horses with a do anything, nothing bothers me attitude. The horses he trains are good for ranch work, trails, and almost always make kid horses (let's face it, some horses just aren't). He trains rescue horses that come into COTW and WHP, and has a clientele that he trains for. Byron has a history working at ranches, starting colts for top cutting and reining trainers, dude ranches, and feed lots. He has seen and worked with top horses, but has always been drawn to the underdog in the corner. he takes pride in pointing out his current diamond in the rough! Byron has a knack for getting those "unhandleable, untrainable" horses into family homes, forever.

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