Buck's Wink

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Buck is an 8 year old thoroughbred gelding


Here is Buck's info from his racetrack trainer - "For those who love the durable, wise, big hearted, hard-trying war horses, Buck’s Wink is for you. This much loved homebred boy is described by his trainer as “the sweetest horse in the barn.” He loves treats, loves hanging out with people and getting attention, and is so well mannered that his trainer states he could be a kid’s horse. We loved his friendly kind-eyed pretty face, and we got to see his great personality for ourselves, as he wanted to stay outside just hanging out with us after his photo session. He also kindly waited and jogged ever so politely and slowly when his groom, who had an injured leg, tried to jog him, showing how attuned he is to people. His trainer then took over the lead shank so we could see him trot out, and he kindly complied with that request as well. Buck has been a good consistent race horse, with ten wins and 50% on the board in his career. He has an old set bow, but has raced on it and stayed sound."

Buck is from Second Chance Thoroughbreds in Spencer, New York 

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