Cody Anderson and Huey

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Cody Anderson has been around horses his entire life. As a member of a large family, he started working in feedlots at the age of fourteen. After years of observing horses and their training on the feedlot, Cody wanted to try his hand at training. He went to a Buck Brannaman clinic and learned the way of natural horsemanship, and he’s stuck with it ever since.


Cody believes you need a horse to mentally stay with you and want to work with you rather than physically. Every horse has a past, and that past can tell you a lot about the horse. If the horse has a hard time with an aspect of training, Cody will take the extra time to help that horse feel comfortable. Cody has been riding colts for hire since he was fifteen and believes that the way you approach a horse the first time will determine your relationship with that horse. 

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Huey came to Colorado Horse Rescue Network as an owner surrender after his previous owners became to old to continue to care for their horses and wanted to make sure they went to good homes. 

Huey came from Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Find out more about Colorado Horse Rescue Network Here