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Name: Danny Benedict

Danny Benedict was born and raised in Fountain, Colorado. Raised by a single father: he and his sister developed a love for horses that was encouraged by their Dad, a former cattle rancher. Danny reunited with a childhood friend that encouraged him to be himself and follow his passion for horses. Danny began his training career at the early age of 14 with a quarter horse filly named Ginger. He trained several horses for friends and family before deciding at the age of 18 that this was the direction he wanted his life to take.

He began his career training horses at a wild mustang rescue in Canon City, Colorado at the age of 18. He has worked in several equine facilities throughout the years, managing a large stable with 35 employees at the age of 21. He continued his career as an outfitting guide in the mountains of southern Colorado. He then began to take small training jobs using his reputation and word of mouth as his only advertising. After marriage and children steered Danny away from the horse world for a few years. At the age of 36 a horse reunited him with his childhood friend and brought Danny’s family back together. Danny returned to training after his 14 year old niece asked him to help her train a 7 year old quarter horse, Micah, which she obtained from a local horse rescue, DreamCatchers Equine Rescue. His training methods attracted the attention of several of the members of the rescue and he has since returned to training. To date, he has successfully trained over 100 horses.

While not using a “Method” of training, he has used his experience as an amateur bull rider to develop an instinct of a horse’s attitude and movements. He has learned to feel the horse without using a saddle or bridle, in fact, when riding a horse for pleasure, prefers to ride bareback.

Danny currently resides in Fountain, Colorado with his daughter Kiah, 15 and son Jakob, 14. He works full time as a landscape contractor and part time as an independent trainer. He is looking forward to establishing a career as a full time horse trainer.

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