Danny Benedict & Autumn

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Danny found his passion for horses at age 12. He got his first horse, a wild mustang, at age 14. Though he had limited training knowledge, his passion pushed him into a close relationship with his new horse; She taught him far more than he did her. Though he has had many horses since then, his first mustang was the biggest challenge as well as the best trained he has had. Danny has stayed consistent in his passion for training horses throughout his life and rarely not had one to work with. Over the last few years, he has been drawn to rescue horses, Mustangs, Arabians and any horse seen as a hopeless case. Since becoming a full-time trainer he averages 60-70 horses per year plus as many first rides for fellow trainers. Although Danny follows no particular method, he prefers to start most horses bareback with very little pressure yet have them saddled and on the trail within a couple days. Danny believes in earning a horse’s trust by taking them out of their comfort zone in order to become their comfort zone. His passion for rescue horses has recently led him into volunteer work with a local group home for boys and feels both the rescues and the boys have similar stories.


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Autumn came from a neglect situation, when she arrived at Safe Landing Horse Rescue she was skin a bones. Safe Landing Horse Rescue completely rehabilitated her before entering her into the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Autumn came from Safe Landing Horse Rescue, Find out more about Safe Landing Horse Rescue Here