Erin Murray & Laredo

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Erin has been riding horses since she was a child, but didn’t really start looking into the training aspect of horses until 2005. As she started the Equine Science program at Colorado State University, Erin took the Colt Starting class and started her second colt ever that year. After the class, she continued starting horses for herself and a few clients. She also was a TA for the Colt Breaking Class for two years and did her independent study starting a filly who’s first saddling went badly. She worked on rebuilding the mare’s confidence and worked on being able to get her to accept a saddle and a rider. Erin doesn’t call herself a trainer, because she doesn’t do that to make her living and she may not have an extensive background in training. But she really enjoys putting a good foundation on a horse. Starting a horse is the building blocks for their future and with a good start they can go far in the equine community.

Erin Murray

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Laredo was part of a very large neglect seizure out of Conroe, Texas in 2014 that included 270 horses in total. He was completely rehabilitated at Harmony Equine Center before entering into the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Laredo came from Harmony Equine Center, Find out more about Harmony Equine Center Here