Erin Zellefrow

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Barn Name: Equine Revelation

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania 

Erin Zellefrow was born and raised in the Northwestern Pennsylvania area. She was raised riding and driving horses and has experience with many disciplines, but mostly focuses on general horsemanship. Her father and their family still own, work and show Percheron driving teams. Erin enjoys barrel racing, cow work and reining, but strives for clear communication between horse and rider to build a trusting and respectful relationship to excel in any discipline. 

Erin currently owns and operates her own boarding and training facility in Erie, PA, called Equine Revelation. There, she resides with her daughter, Lexi and her husband, Jake. Erin's true passion is helping others understand the way horses think and how they learn. She feels often, the problems that people think their "horses" have, turns out to be a misunderstanding. She feels that building a relationship with a horse will teach people allot about themselves and self awareness, making your horse a more willing partner.

Besides running her business, Erin is an active volunteer with The ANNA Shelter. With ANNA, Erin aides in large-scale cruelty seizures and later with re-training and re-homing neglected, abandoned and seized horses. The horses that pass through the program come to Erin for a refresher or to be started before they are adopted to a new family. Erin is involved too, in the screening and introduction process to help ensure that horses placed through ANNA find lifetime homes.