Jessica Dabkowski & Margarita

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Despite being born into a ‘non-horsey’ family, Jessica began riding lessons at age 8. She bought her first horse at age 13, a green-broke 3-year-old Appaloosa, that she still owns to this day.

Jessica Dabkowski

After graduating from CSU in 2003 with her Equine Science Degree, she began teaching riding lessons and training for the public. 

In 2010, Jessica competed in her first Mustang Makeover event, and was instantly hooked! She’s trained 18 Mustangs and has competed in 13 Mustang Makeovers. She even won the 2012 Colorado event, made reserve champion at the 2016 event! But, more important to her is that all of the Mustangs she trained were adopted and have gone on to be happy, successful, well-adjusted horses for their adopters. 

Jessica currently resides in Livermore, CO, where she trains mustangs for the Makeovers, gentles Mustangs for adopters through the TIP program and helps other horse owners through lessons and training sessions.

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Margarita was an owner surrender after she needed a home when the Spanish Barb training program shut down. She received basic ground manners from Colorado Horse Rescue Network and then entered in to the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Margarita came from Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Find out more about Colorado Horse Rescue Network Here