Justin Dunn & Paulo

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Justin Dunn has been an avid rider since he was a child. He competes in Mustang Makeovers and adopts the Mustangs he trains for use in camps for children with or recovering from Cancer. He owns and operates an outfitting business which includes trail rides and pack trips.

Justin Dunn

As a professional horse trainer/clinician, Justin holds 3 day private clinics and has the only 5-day Mustang Horsemanship School of its kind at his ranch in Colorado. Justin travels all over the U.S. for public/private clinics and is the trainer/clinician for the popular television show Best of America by Horseback on RFD-TV.

One thing you might find surprising; all of Justin’s horses are barefoot, and are managed using Bit-less bridles – no bits are used. This provides for exquisite communication for the rider and unparalleled comfort for the horse. (Interestingly, Justin does not use spurs either!).

Justin’s specialty is in helping people and horses build their relationship. He helps people improve themselves so that their horse can be better, too. Life improvement for both the individual and the horse. Justin wants to help people understand horses, and horses understand people. 

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Far View Horse Rescue works directly with the BLM to help find Mustangs forever homes. Paulo came straight from BLM and went to Far View Horse Rescue where he received basic handling and manners. 

Paulo came from Far View Horse Rescue, Find out more about Far View Horse Rescue Here