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Born and raised in Colorado, Katie Dean grew up around horses. She decided to become a horse trainer when she was only 6 years old. As a teen, Katie was helping on her mother’s ranch. She helped raise her first horse, 7Up, from birth, and rehabilitated a troubled Thoroughbred named Stubby during this time. Both of these horses now help teach lessons of every level. Katie also participated in FFA Horse Judging and showed English and Western and did Gymkhanas in 4-H. At age 18 she went to school at Equi Touch Systems to become a certified Equine Sports Therapy and Soft Tissue Manipulation/Equine Massage Therapist.

Katie Dean

Now, Katie and her husband Ted, along with their daughter Stella, live in Fort Lupton, Colorado. They operate a small horse facility called Circle 7 Stables, LLC. Katie teaches various levels of horsemanship programs for both horses and riders of all ages. However, she specializes in colt starting. Circle 7 also offers boarding, equine massage and on or off-site training. Katie has also recently starting driving and participating with a rescue, CHRN.

Katie has a passion to share her knowledge with everyone. She hopes to help connect horse and rider by teaching body language and herd dynamics along with horsemanship training. This can help bridge the language gap between horse and human. To be a good horseman or woman she feels you and your horse need to have a great foundation, because with a great foundation, you can build anything.

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Bowie came from an unwanted horse situation. He was rescued by Terolyn Horse Rescue and received full rehabilitation before entering into the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Bowie came from Terolyn Horse Rescue, Find out more about Terolyn Horse Rescue Here