Kim Leonard

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Name: Kim Leonard

Barn Name: Bit of Honey Training LLC

Kim is a certified instructor with Sally Swift’s Centered Riding program. She has 6 years of experience working as a veterinary technician for both small animal and equine practices in Colorado and WA state, and has spent years tending to horses with special mental and physical needs. Kim also has degrees in Psychology, Anatomy, and Neurobiology. She has learned from riding with some of the best, including Susan Harris, David O’Connor, Daniel Stewart, Greg Best, among others. However, Kim insists that most of what she knows has been taught to her by the horses themselves. She has had success with many different types and breeds, including the usual quarter horses, paints, thoroughbreds, and Arabians, but also percherons, fjords, haflingers, Clydesdales, Friesians, saddlebreds, morgans, and ponies.

She has evented through Intermediate Level, dressage through 4th level, and done endurance and competitive trail riding to 25 miles. While those are her specialties, she has also spent several years competing on the A circuit in western equitation and trail, and rode both english and western on the APHA and PtHA circuits in New England. Because of that diversity, Kim sees the value in, and feels there is merit to, all types of riding and styles of training. This also allows Kim to work with many different types of horses and riders and help them find the discipline in which they would be happiest. While she is happy to train horses of all kinds for clients, her personal horses and her favorites are unequivocally the off-track Thoroughbreds, or OTTBs.

  • Certified Instructor with Centered Riding
  • 20+ years training horses, competing, and teaching horsemanship
  • BS degree from Colorado State University in Psychology, Anatomy, Neurobiology
  • 6 years of veterinary technician experience
  • Therapeutic riding and hippotherapy background
  • Specialties: eventing, dressage, jumping, and endurance riding
  • Experience with cattle work, western equitation, trail, APHA, PtHA , AQHA

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