Kim Leonard & Touch A Prince

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Name: Kim Leonard

Barn Name: Bit of Honey Training LLC

Kim Leonard is the trainer and certified riding instructor at Bit of Honey Training LLC. Her certification is through Sally Swift’s Centered Riding program. In addition to six years of experience working as a veterinary technician for both small animal and equine practices in both Colorado and Washington, Kim has degrees in Psychology, Anatomy, and Neurobiology. She has trained with some of the best horseman in the US, including Susan Harris, David O’Connor, Daniel Stewart, Greg Best, among others. She has evented through Intermediate Level, dressage through 4th level, and done endurance riding to twenty five miles. Even with these qualifications, Kim insists some of her most valuable knowledge has been taught to her by the horses themselves. At Bit of Honey Training she strives

to create safe happy riders and balanced sound horses. 

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Horse’s Name: Touch A Prince

Age: 11 years old

Rescue: Northstar Horse Rescue

Touch A Prince (Satchel) is Adena Spires bred and race in the Northeast. He was owend by someone who was eventually ruled off for illegal use of drugs on the track. Touch A Prince was adopted off Suffolle Downs and was kept for six years by his adopter. The adopter eventually surrendered him to Northstar Horse Rescue as he was a lot of horse for her. 

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