Kimberlee Strauss

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Barn Name: Renegade Wind: The Horse- Human Revolution


Location: Honeoye, New York

Kimberlee Strauss cannot remember a time when she was not in love with horses and in awe of them. As a child, her sister would take her on rides at the local stables and later purchased her first equine partner, Charlie, as a gift for her eighth grade graduation. Kim has now been involved with horses for 40 years and strives for a dominance-free approach to horsemanship through her business, Renegade Wind: the Horse-Human Revolution. She is known for her bitless and barefoot philosophy as well as her passion to educate people in relating to horses and interacting in harmony with them.

Kim has studied under equine ethologist and international clinician, Donald U. Newe and is an accredited instructor with international clinician, Frank Bell. She is also certified with the American Riding Instructor Association.