Kyle Rakoczy & Ali

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Kyle Rakoczy has been working with horses for roughly 17 years. He grew up towards Fountain, CO riding horses for pleasure and work. He has worked under several different trainers and horsemen over the years: Michelle Messenger, Ardith Bruce, Dan Bruce, Spencer Bruce, and Bruce Kahl. At 14 years old, Kyle started going to local sale barns to buy horses to take home, work and ride, and then rehome. This is how Make ‘Em Worth Keepin’ came to be. Kyle is a construction worker by trade and a horseman by hobby. He claims to be far from being a full time “trainer”, but rescue horses have always been a part of his life. He did not have a lot of money for his first horse, which encourage him to start going to sale barns. Kyle could buy a $200 horse and put some time on them and rehome them to people like myself for a reasonable price. He continues to do this to this day and will continue to do so, as he finds joy in making a horse worth keeping.


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Ali came to Colorado Horse Rescue Network as an owner surrender after her previous owners became to old to continue to care for their horses and wanted to make sure they went to good homes. 

Ali came from Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Find out more about Colorado Horse Rescue Network Here