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Megan was born and raised in Minnesota. Although she grew up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, horses have always been a large part of her life. Her grandmother was a well-known Arabian breeder in Wisconsin and began to teach Megan about horses at a very early age. When Megan was about 10 she began to spend parts of her summer at her grandmother’s ranch, helping with chores and learning as much as possible. At 11 she started to take riding lessons one to two times a week starting in the Western discipline and later English riding. At 13 her parents made her dreams come true and allowed her to own her very own horse, a 23 year old retired reining mare. Throughout high school she continued to take lessons and learn when the opportunity presented itself.

Megan Wojchik

By the time she left for college her own horse had passed and her parents were concerned that she would not have the time for a horse while being in school. It was only a few months after she started school in Wisconsin that she realized not being around horses was not an option. She found the closest riding facility to her University and began to ride any horse the owner would let her hop on or simply work with. She then decided to move out to Colorado to finish her degree at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Again she realized that she was going through horse withdrawals and she found DreamCatchers Equine Rescue. She had promised her boyfriend that she was only going to volunteer, but two days later Megan adopted Hugo, a 10-year-old, green broke gelding. Megan has since adopted 2 more rescue horses, fostering a third, and adopted a mustang from a BLM holding facility. She is continuing to learn from trainers around her, while her passion for rescue horses and training only continues to grow. She has accepted the fact the horses will forever be a part of her life and could not be more thrilled and excited to continue to learn about and work with these animals.

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Ace came from an owner surrender situation out of Nebraska. The owner opted to send the horse to a rescue in Colorado so they knew the horse would be well taken care of and find a great forever home. 

Ace came from Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Find out more about Colorado Horse Rescue Network Here