Missy Morris - Rothfuss and Heston

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TRAINER: Missy Morris
BARN NAME: Rothfuss Racing Stable
LOCATION: Houston, Pennsylvania 

Missy Morris-Rothfuss is grew up with horses her whole life and was riding before she could even walk. Missy has competed in every style of riding and ridden many different breeds of horses. Missy’s and her husband have a stable of (Standardbred) Harness Racing horses, and Missy is also an outrider at a harness track for the last 18 years. Missy believes that any horse no matter what it is can do anything if we just take the time every day. 

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NAME: Heston
BREED: Arabian
AGE: 6 years old

Heston is a rescue horse from Second Chance Thoroughbreds. Heston was purchased at Unadilla Auction in October 2013. He was purchased by a local to the auction; a dealer was the only other buyer. Heston is looking forward to the Equine Comeback Challenge and his second chance.

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