Misty Arellano

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Name: Misty Arellano


Barn Name: Duke Ranch

Misty was born and raised in Big Sky Country, also known as the beautiful state of Montana. Her mother, Tracie, instilled a love for horses into her at a very young age. Prior to having Misty, Tracie had attended college in Wyoming to learn to train horses in both the Western and English disciplines. Thus, Misty was Blessed to grow up with horses being an integral part of her life. Tracie constantly pushed Misty to progress as a horsewoman, forcing her out of her comfort zone and allowing her to grow. Together, Misty and Tracie would bring home project horses from dire situations, including cases of neglect and auctions. Misty was in charge of rehabbing the horses in mind and body. Through patience and love, she would chip away damage that had been done to reveal the beautiful soul within. She would then work with and train the horses to give them the best chance at finding a forever home. After graduating High School, Misty went into the United States Navy and was unable to own any horses. However, after six years of honorable service, she chose to separate from the military. Her, her husband Christopher, and children found their way to Colorado, which is where her husband grew up. Christopher made a promise to Misty when they married, that when they moved to Colorado, he would make sure she was able to have horses once again. True to his promise, the Arellano family adopted a sweet, beautiful mare from DreamCatchers Equine Rescue in Fountain, CO. Rayne has brought nothing but happiness and laughter to the family and exemplifies the potential of a rescue horse. Their oldest daughter, Liliana, will be using Rayne in 4-H this year in El Paso County. Misty has decided to make her life's passion into her career here in Colorado. She is committed to helping rescue horses and wild mustangs find their forever homes by gentling and training them, making them excellent equine companions. Misty is excited to compete in the Equine Comeback Challenge by A Home for Every Horse. It is both an honor and a privilege to be associated with such an amazing organization. 

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