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Nichole has been riding for 18 years. She began her journey in Ramona, California at Bluebird Riding School. The owner had opened her ranch to over 40 rescue horses at any given time. It was here that Nichole gained a love for horses that were unwanted, unloved, abused or considered “dangerous”. To her they were diamonds in the rough! As a teenager, she spent summers helping rehabilitate these horses and ponies and training the ones who were ready.

Nichole Twigg

Nichole continued her riding career in Del mar, California, taking lessons from different hunter/jumper trainers and showing minimally on the local circuits. She could never afford to compete on a regular basis, but enjoyed the thrill of competing when she did! Nichole did not have her own horse until later in her adult life, but this was actually a great advantage. This meant she got to do a lot of catch riding – riding any horse she could get her hands on. It gave her valuable experiencing riding many different types of horses and ponies.

When Nichole was 18, she moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico to attend New Mexico State University. She took many horsemanship classes where she learned to handle foals, young horses and stallions. From halter breaking to the first ride, Nichole learned all the necessary steps to getting a horse safely broke. She taught them to move away from pressure, to be soft in the bridle, to go through the paces with smooth transitions and to be responsive to aids/cues. She learned how to prep horses for sale and to ride horses to the best of her ability so as to show off the horse’s best qualities. As well as young horses, Nichole was given difficult, older horses to train. These were the horses that no one had wanted to buy at the auction. Many of them bucked, reared, bit or kicked. Nichole learned to be patient and to take a step back with these horses in order to find the holes in their foundation.

After college, Nichole studied under numerous trainers across the country in many different disciplines including: saddleseat, equitation, Western and English pleasure, trail, classical dressage, hunters, jumpers, western dressage, morgan horse classes, endurance, reining, cutting and reined cowhorse. This has given her a diverse and well-rounded background. She feels as though she is good at deciding which discipline a horse will be best suited for.

After some tumultuous years of traveling all over the US, Nichole was confident she had learned enough from my mentors to settle down and start her own business in Colorado. So, for the last two years she has slowly but surely been growing her business – teaching riding lessons and taking in training horses, as well as selling and marketing horses. From here, she hopes to gain a reputation for amazing horse care, safe and drama free atmosphere and beneficial affordable training and instruction.

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Cara came from an unwanted horse situation with a brand new baby. She and the baby were rescued by Terolyn Horse Rescue and received full rehabilitation before entering into the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Cara came from Terolyn Horse Rescue, Find out more about Terolyn Horse Rescue Here