Nicole Brotz & Blitz

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Nicole’s passion for horses has grown since she was six years old. She began by competing in 4H, where she qualified for State several times. After high school, Nicole trained with several jumping and dressage professionals to further challenge herself.


She moved to Colorado after getting her degree in Criminal Justice in 2010. Although working at a jail, she could never get horses out of her mind. Having grown intrigued by barrel racers, cowhorses, cutting and reining, she came to work with many professional trainers to hone her skills in these different disciplines. Nicole established herself enough as a horse trainer that she quit her job to pursue it full time.

Nicole has gained the trust of the general horse public with her knowledge of horses and training, as well as her honesty. She trains horses to sell, but also for owners, and in many different levels and disciplines. Anything from breaking colts, barrel racing, fine tuning green horses, trail training, and the list goes on.

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Blitz came to Colorado Horse Rescue Network with his mother as an unmanageable stud colt. He was an owner surrender after his previous family experienced a serious life change.

Blitz came from Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Find out more about Colorado Horse Rescue Network Here