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Sam Grogan grew up in the middle of the city of Arvada, Colorado. When he was about 12 years old, he developed an interest in horses and got involved in an organization called the Westernaires. In this group, he was taught the basics of being around horses and how to ride. He spent the first 2 years of his Westernaires career learning to ride and growing his riding skills.

Sam Grogan

As Sam’s riding progressed, he a became a part of the top drill teams in Westernaires, performing precision drills all over the country for shows and rodeos. He also took up trick riding, and began performing tricks and stunts on horseback at the events, as well. When Sam first took up trick riding, he had to train his own horse to run the pattern and allow him to do the tricks. This was his first encounter with needing to train a horse. He then became very intrigued with horse training techniques and began to research methods used by some of the top horsemen.

As he learned, he practiced his training skills on his own horses and others that he helped train for the Westernaires. He continued learning how to better train horses and began taking in horses and training them for others. He also gave riding and training lessons until he graduated high school. He then pursued a job training horses with the Harmony Equine Training Team, where he is today. There, he starts and trains rescue horses with the intent to adopt them out to new homes, giving them a better start at life.

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Lucky was found running around Southeast Colorado. The Sheriff's department called Blue Rose Ranch for assistance, the rescue rehabilitated him and taught him basic ground manners.

Lucky came from Blue Rose Ranch, Inc, Find out more about Blue Rose Ranch, Inc Here