Samantha Whittemore & Sonona

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Ever since she could remember, Samantha had a love for horses. That love grew during her visits to her grandparents in Aurora, CO, where her grandfather trained Thoroughbreds. After receiving her first horse as a high school graduation gift from her grandmother, Samantha felt the need to learn more about the way of the horse: “I always had horses in my life, with rodeo and showing that I leased or borrowed, but to finally have one that is yours, that’s an even better adventure.”


After college, Samantha has ridden under some well-known horse trainers in the reining and cow-horse industry. After seeing how you can teach such a strong, powerful animal to be soft and collected, Samantha wanted to do it for herself and start her own career. That’s when she decided to establish Rugged Cross Performance Horses.

Samantha truly is always educating herself to be a better trainer for the horse. She says you can learn more from a horse by reading their body language and truly having an understanding of what they are saying. Horses will try anything for you; you just have to know how to ask.

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Sonona came from an unwanted horse situation where someone purchased her and surrendered her to Dream Catcher Therapy Center. She received full care and is now fully rehabbed for the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Sonona came from Dream Catcher Therapy Center, Find out more about Dream Catcher Therapy Center Here