Sara Light

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Name: Sara Light

Sara Light

Barn Name: Code of the West Equestrians 

Sara Light is the owner of Wyoming Horse Project, a non-profit dedicated to turning unwanted horses into productive members of equine society. She has believed for a long time now that there are gems all over the horse world that just need an opportunity to shine. Sara has been training horses since high school, and specializes in getting that do anything horse started. All horses that go through Wyoming Horse Project are trained in a family, trail and 4-H type way- she wants them cool, calm, and collected and ready for any job that's asked of them. Sara loves all horses, all breeds, and is happy to show you her motley assortment of keepers that are in her herd. They are summer camp stars, trail riding champs, and fun family horses. Her philosophy is that a horse that has been taught to learn, and handle life, can be taught to excel in anything.

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