Shane Ogden

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Barn Name: Cornerstone Equestrian Center

Location: Hamlin, New York

Shane Ogden grew up in the Thoroughbred world along side his father in Ocala, Florida. At an early age he had a love for horses. His father taught him patience and quality care of horses. As a teen he worked with Michael Fariole at Tradewinds farm.Unlike many trainers these two men put the horse first. As Shane grew older he became increasingly uncomfortable with the treatment of horses in general in the Thoroughbred industry. Seeing horses treated as disposable machines was heart breaking. He recalls a top Thoroughbred auction where numerous two year olds were euthanize as they broke down on the track. These young horses were being pushed past their limits just to try to get a higher price.

Shane chose to move into Western training. Riding and training under the guidance of multiple trainers all over the country, he learned bits and pieces of who he is today.

In 2007, Shane moved to Scottsville, New York to partner in River View Stable. There he started a Western program with a focus on reining. As word traveled of Shane's talent and knowledge the local rescues contacted Shane to help with their more difficult horses.

This March River View Stable moved to Hamlin, NY and has been renamed Cornerstone Equestrian Center. The name came from a client. This is her reasoning:

"A cornerstone means an important quality or feature on which a thing is based, and it also means a person or thing of prime importance. You are an exceptionally talented individual who has impressed me with character especially in adversity. It also means a dedication stone. You are also dedicated to the horses and to your students. You consistently give your very best. You are and have been my cornerstone and I thank you."

Shane has enjoyed working with rescues, educating both people and horses. He has helped several horses be more appealing for adoption. Sharing his knowledge, he helps people provide better homes. Shane loves his job and always looks forward to helping people understand their horses better.