Sienna Hawk & Tucker

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Sienna Hawk is from the Front Range of Colorado, where she has live all her life. She was not able to afford leasing or owning horses at a young age, so Sienna began working at barns and hacking out horses after school and on weekends to step into the equine world. She was able to work and train at many barns with a variety of disciplines and training styles, and took away learning and experience from each one. Many rescue horses entered her life, and she began to develop a love for working with them. Sienna competed on an IEA show team her senior year, and began working with horses full-time after graduating.


Along her journey Sienna fell deeply in love with Mustangs, and they became a great passion for her. She has worked with many since, and loves to advocate for the breed and encourage others to adopt them. Her first Mustang was a gelding named ‘Dublin’, and she gives him the credit of being her greatest teacher and pushing her to take her training to a professional level. Sienna competed in the 2016 Equine Comeback Challenge, and was paired with another Mustang, Copacabana. Since then, her business has grown and she has plans to travel around the country to put on a series of clinics.

Sienna currently has 3 personal horses, and has explored an array of disciplines such as reining, jumping, trail riding, driving, and liberty work. When she’s not working with her own horses, Sienna trains, gives lessons, and teaches clinics in Northern Colorado under her business, Hawk Horsemanship. She has a focus on building a fair and engaging relationship between horse and human, and keeping clear communication along the way.

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Tucker came from a rescue situation in New Mexico that was being shut down by the state vet office. He was then transferred to Harmony Equine Center for full rehabilitation. 

Tucker came from Harmony Equine Center, Find out more about Harmony Equine Center Here