Stephanie Murtha

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Barn Name: Sur Thing Farm

Location: Clinton corners, New York

Stephanie Murtha has been working with and improving her skills with horses for about 13 years. She doesn't define herself as a trainer since most of her work has been with her own horses and with friend’s horses. She does know that her passion is being able to work with a horse and feel everything they feel. Stephanie truly believes everything a horse does, the way he looks at, and moves around a person, tells a story about his life. Stephanie believes to have a horse trust you, you must first trust him. She has known a few people who make the mistake of doubting their horse at the last minute, and with the slightest crack in their voice or tensing of their body have months of work seem like nothing. Stephanie experienced a few moments of wanting to quit while training horses because she felt she would not be able to get past a certain step. After wanting to give up, the horse would walk over to her and give her a light nudge with their nose, almost to admit they were being stubborn as a test of Stephanie’s patience to see how truly dedicated Stephanie was.