Susan Shields & Jake

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Susan Shields is just a little girl who never lost her love for horses! Rodeo to saddle club to Pony Club to trail riding to gathering cattle, ”anytime on the back of a horse, is a good time to be had", according to Susan.

Susan Shields

She says the trick for her, as a trainer, is to get into the horse's heart and head. If you treat horses with respect, they will return that respect and give you all they have. Most rescue horses come with more unique circumstances. The uncertainty of safety and stability are usually the key factors in understanding their fears. This is something Susan feels she can relate to; she grew up as an Army dependent. Susan remembers how she felt every time she had to pack up and move again, having fear of the unknown.

Horses were the one thing that was always in her life, and they gave her the kindred spirit of belonging and usefulness. Recognizing how her insecurities of life were fear based has given Susan the compassion to be a patient and respectful trainer, offering discipline, with a soft, but firm hand. As a trainer, she believes it is especially important to develop the beauty of each horse’s individual spirit, giving them pride in every little success. Every horse Susan has encountered has taught her far more than she feels she ever taught them.

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Came from a rescue situation in New Mexico that was being shut down by the state vet office. He was then transferred to Harmony Equine Center for full rehabilitation. 

Jake came from Harmony Equine Center, Find out more about Harmony Equine Center Here