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Tack Louthan was born and raised in Northwest Colorado ranch country. He started riding horses real young, helping on the family’s ranch. He was very active in Routt County 4-H getting his footing showing horses as well as showing steers and pigs. He graduated from SoRoCo High School where he was busily involved in FFA developing leadership and life skills. In his teenage years, he was starting colts for the family as well as taking them in for friends and neighbors. He chose to go to school to further his knowledge about horses and training them at Lamar Community College. He did his internship under Jason Patrick and then also worked for him after college. He is also a farrier. He also worked as the Head Trainer for Haythorn Ranch Company training and competing on their horses as well as using those horses for ranchwork. He recently started his own horse training business, Louthan Cowhorses, in Elbert, Colorado.Tack strives to prepare horses to be willing and performing ranch horses in and out of the arena.

Tack Louthan

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Mystery came to Safe Landing Horse Rescue as an unwanted horse. He was a dangerous stud horse when he arrived. Before going into the Equine Comeback Challenge he received basic ground manners and is full rehabbed. 

Mystery came from Safe Landing Horse Rescue, Find out more about Safe Landing Horse Rescue Here