Tammy Marsh and Neil

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TRAINER: Tammy Marsh
BARN NAME: Palomino Acres - Equine Services Inc
LOCATION: Lindley, New York

Tammy has studied with GaWaNi PonyBoy, the world leading Native American Equine Behaviorist, and has completed his Regional Advisor Program. Tammy’s motivation to study with PonyBoy was Hugsy, a 15.3-hand Palomino quarter horse built like a tank. Hugsy did not have the nicest reputation when Tammy fell in love with her. Everybody around Tammy recommended that she sell the horse and get something more manageable. Tammy knew in her heart the horse was good and that what people saw was man-made. She dedicated herself to learning how to communicate with and develop a relationship with Hugsy. Together they overcame the reputation Hugsy had earned, and she became a therapeutic riding horse for a short time, later becoming a reliable babysitter for Tammy’s son. Hugsy has given many people lessons (including ones about themselves) and taught many people, young and old, how to ride.

Out of this experience, Tammy’s business, Palomino Acres—Equine Services LLC was born. As well as being a biology teacher, Tammy runs programs at her facility to help cancer patients and their families, an anti-bullying program, and horsemanship lessons, which include developing a relationship with the horse on the ground. She is also a Reiki Master and travels to barns to heal horses. Her specialty and true calling is rehabilitating “problem” horses like Hugsy.

When Tammy met Shari Koval, who among other things is an animal communicator, an idea sparked for an experiment that would either confirm the techniques Tammy used or challenge her to grow in her understanding of the horse. As it turns out, both happened.

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NAME: Neil
BREED: Standardbred
AGE: 6 years old

Neil is a rescue horse from Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester. Neil was seized in a cruelty case in September of 2013. He is a Standardbred and has never been raced. Neil was severly emaciated but bounced back with regular, a proper nutrition. Neil is a handsome dark back and ready for the Equine Comeback Challenge and what life has to offer him.

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