Todd Feaser

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Barn Name: Top Shelf Ranch

Location: Newville, Pennsylvania

Todd Feaser has had the fortune life experience of coming from very humble beginnings, which forced his family to make the best out of what they could afford after paying the bills that are required for a family with seven children. This financial setting caused Todd’s family to purchase horses that might not have been desired by most people. Todd is very thankful for this, as it instilled in the family at an early age the value of taking an overlooked talent in a horse, usually hidden under a spoiled, arrogant exterior, and turning that diamond in the rough into an animal that has value in whichever equine event its conformation and ability allowed it to excel. In dealing with these projects as a teenager, Todd quickly learned the value of bonding with these sometimes troubled or abused horses, as earning their trust and willingness to please became Todd’s biggest asset in any success that was to be had. During this time, Todd and his brothers had the opportunity to be exposed to some very helpful barrel racing, roping, and reining horse trainers, from whom they were able to sponge away invaluable knowledge, which is benefiting their horses to this day.

Because of this background, Todd found much joy in seeing horses he has started go on with new owners and riders to great success. That success can be in the show arena, rodeo pen, or just the safe reliable family trail horse. After meeting his wife, Meg, who has extensive background in the show world of pleasure and reining disciplines, Todd has been able to garner knowledge of those events, which have proven to help him create an even more versatile equine athlete. One of the most rewarding examples of this was a TB/QH cross with a sketchy childhood (this included pulling a small two horse trailer over on himself in on incident). This high strung, untrusting animal (Blondies Bar Bullet) went on to be one of Todd’s most successful barrel racing horses; being undefeated in the WV05 district for three straight seasons and earning him a district championship saddle. Watching Todd and Meg’s eight year old daughter, Fallon, learn to work with her horse, and not just try to “make them” do what she wants, makes Todd appreciate what he has been able to learn. Todd sometimes wishes more people would realize there are lots of very talented horses that go unnoticed because of a poor past environment or the misfortune of having a less than ideal owner.