Zen Greenlee & Trigger

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Zen Greenlee lives in Olathe, CO, and has been riding and training horses for more of his life. But it has only been within the last ten years that he realized it was the horses that were teaching him. Every horse has their own individual story, way of life, and attitude. Zen says that it is his job to figure out how to communicate with each horse individually, so that they understand what he is teaching them to do.

Zen Greenlee

Zen’s ultimate goal is to bring the bond between the horse and rider closer. He does this with the ‘Three C’s of Horsemanship’ – Calm, Confident and Consistency. He starts off small, and offers the horses big rewards for their small efforts. He has found that horses pick up on this reward system and start to give more and more effort with little asking. Working with young and ‘problem’ horses gives Zen the greatest reward.

“A soft foundation will let a house crumble but makes a horse rise.” – Zen Greenlee 

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Trigger came from an unwanted horse situation. He was rescued by Safe Landing Horse Rescue and received full rehabilitation before entering into the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

Trigger came from Safe Landing Horse Rescue, Find out more about Safe Landing Horse Rescue Here