ElectroBraid® has aided over 200 non-profits since beginning its non-profit program in 2000. ElectroBraid® offers products and fencing supplies to 501(c)(3) non-profits such as therapeutic riding centers, juvenile probation departments, equine assisted therapy programs and horse rescues.


South Florida SPCA Hurricane Irma

Natural disasters can have a profound effect on everyone and for horse rescues it can pose an even more difficult situation. When Hurricane Irma hit the southern coast of Florida, the South Florida SPCA had to evacuate over 40 horses of their own while continuing to help the ...read more


South Florida SPCA Rescue Horses

Horses have an amazing effect on all of us but rescues horses especially because they will never forget what they have been through and being able to make a small change is what Purina Horse Feed and A Home For Every Horse are glad to be apart of. ...read more


South Florida SPCA - Overview

The South Florida SPCA is the only horse rescue in Dade County, they work hard everyday to rehabilitate and care for their horses. With Purina's help they are able to give these horses another chance at a great life and to find their forever homes. ...read more

Rescue Horse Panache and adopter

Uncle Ted’s Gift

Growing up in Colorado I always dreamed of someday owning one of my Uncle Ted’s Morgan horses. Ted Willrich, my dad’s brother, owned a ranch called Lone Pine Farm near Elizabeth, Colorado, where he raised Saddlebreds and then Morgans. I remember them as beautiful and ...read more


Rescue Rebound Winner - Potato

Potato came to Cortney in August 2015 as an untrained youngster from a feedlot in Idaho. He was underweight and had a severe case of strangles. For the first week, it was touch-and-go, and no one was sure that he would make it. Being in quarantine and isolated from other horses ...read more


Rescue Rebound Winner - Indy

Indy the gorgeous geriatric Morgan gelding was surrendered to Refuge Ranch Ministries in 2014 because he was aging and had developed a thyroid condition & heaves. He has been "dieted" to an alarming 1 flake of hay a.m./p.m. and 1 "handful" of feed. He developed further ...read more


Rescue Rebound Winner - Belle

Kristina adopted Belle through Heavenly Meadows Horse Rescue when the mare was just a yearling. Belle spent 3 weeks at the rescue battling what could only be called shipping fever. The poor horse had a runny nose and draining eyes, and was depressed and feverish. Belle was ...read more

Lucky Little Lady

Rescue Rebound Winner - Lucky Little Lady

In August 2012, photos of horses in need of rescue were leaked on Facebook, and Aimee was immediately obsessed with saving them. Countless hours later, the photos had been networked to thousands of people and the local authorities were drowning in equestrian complaints, demanding ...read more


Giving Horses Second Chances

When you look into a living creature’s eyes, you see their soul. Some people, in that moment, decide to take a step of faith for that animal, in the belief others will be there along the journey to see their cause through to the end.Teri Allen founded the TerolynHorse Rescue to ...read more


Ride with Faith - Senior Horses

While A Home for Every Horse and Purina Horse Feed were at Ride with Faith, we met Sawyer, the 36-year-old Arabian. He needs special feed designed with his age and teeth in mind, and Purina gives that to him in the form of Equine Senior. Thanks to Purina, he's able to perform as ...read more


Ride With Faith - Overview

In July of 2017, A Home for Every Horse and Purina Horse Feed traveled to Indiana to visit Ride with Faith, an equine therapy center. Many of Ride with Faith's horses have been rescued and their resilience inspires the at-risk youth who participate in the riding program.  Visit ...read more


AHCF Extends Deadline to Take Economic Impact Survey

(Washington, DC)- The American Horse Council Foundation (AHCF) has announced that it will be extending the deadline to take the survey to update the National Economic Impact Study to September 4.“We decided to extend the deadline due to a last-minute surge in responses, combined ...read more


A Horse Named Pep

Although I wasn't at the barn the day Greg brought Pep home, I have been involved with his "upbringing" from the start. Greg has always been very patient with all the horses, especially when they first come home. We know the story of how they are found but usually not much before ...read more

Chillao expressing her opinion about picture-taking.


“ I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contain'd . . .” ~ Walt Whitman, Leaves of GrassOf all the horses I have spent time with while volunteering at Glen Ellen Vocational Academy (GEVA), an Equine Retirement Foundation and Sanctuary for ...read more



I adopted 5 year old Remeny from the Comeback Challenge in Denver. Her name has since been changed to Remy because it is easier to call her to come home when she is out in the field. When I went to the event I had no plans to adopt a horse but the minute I saw her I wanted her. ...read more


This Old Horse

Faith was our first rescue at This Old Horse. She came from a ranch in South Dakota that had 205 horses and of those 95 were too far gone. You hope, and maybe even pray, that they will recover and often they do just like Faith. Not long after Faith, two broodmares, Dalai and ...read more

Dottie and her new mom.

Dottie "Orenda"

I woke up this morning. I wanted to see her. Dottie “Orenda”. My Horse. I have a horse. Beyond my dreams, I never thought this would happen. But it feels so right. A little scary, but so is anything really. I have had some really great support along the way. Chris, Victoria, ...read more


Double HP Sanctuary & Learning Center II

We want to share with you some stories and photos about some of the rescued horses who live at our DoubleHP Sanctuary & Learning Center (501c3 Horse Help Providers, Inc.) in South Dakota. We are possibly the oldest horse rescue in South Dakota. We organized in 2001 and received ...read more


Are Safety Nets Keeping Horses at Home?

February 15, 2017 The days may be getting longer, but the weather is getting colder. Winter can be difficult for horses and their owners. Rescues typically receive the most calls this time of year because the grass is long gone and hay prices in many parts of the country remain ...read more


A Cinderella story for Cider, the rescue horse

Shoreview, Minn. [November 5, 2016] – Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” In the spring of 2016, six horses living in darkness were given a second change to get back on their feet and find a life of happiness at a horse ...read more


Finding The Right Horse

February 1, 2017 Each year, hundreds of thousands of horses are transitioned from career or ownership. A growing number of these horses end up at risk of inhumane treatment. The Right Horse Initiative, led by the WaterShed Animal Fund, has been developed to unify horse industry ...read more

Vanessa's Story promo image

Vanessa's Story

Gentle Spirit Horses is a rescue and sanctuary for horses based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Forest City, Iowa. Our mission is to provide assistance to neglected, abused and unwanted horses, and through outreach and education, promote responsible horse ownership. Founded ...read more

Double HP Sanctuary & Learning Center promo image

Double HP Sanctuary & Learning Center

We want to share with you some stories and photos about some of the rescued horses who live at our DoubleHP Sanctuary & Learning Center (501c3 Horse Help Providers, Inc.) in South Dakota. We are possibly the oldest horse rescue in South Dakota. We organized in 2001 and received ...read more

Crash, owned by Nikki Rebel, was the 100th stallion gelded

The Gelding Village

Photo Credit: Cathy Threadgill January 2017I was recently reminded why I did not pursue medical or veterinary school. Let’s just say that I don’t do well with needles, knives, and blood. So, when I decided to attend an Operation Gelding clinic last month, it didn’t take long to ...read more

December 2016 A Home for Every Horse News promo image

December 2016 A Home for Every Horse News

Hey All!I rarely get to come to the A Home for Every Horse faithful followers in first person, but I am so excited to do my first personal blog post right before the holidays! For many of you, we have met in person or via a phone conversation; but for those of you that haven’t ...read more

Roman and Bud promo image

Roman and Bud

We adopted Roman, a 12 yr old OTTB who won over a quarter of a million dollars for his owners before he was cast away, Roman is a gorgeous black 16.3 gelding. Winning races all over the country. When I had inquired on Roman with Diana, the lady who runs Voice for Horses, I ...read more


The Christmas Pony

December 2016 For how many years have children been putting “a pony” on their Christmas lists? Thankfully, I didn’t get my wish until just over a year ago, but many kids do. Don’t get me wrong. Horses and ponies do wonderful things for kids; kids learn responsibility, build ...read more

Road to Recovery: Beau the Belgian draft horse promo image

Road to Recovery: Beau the Belgian draft horse

Shoreview, Minn. [July 15, 2016] – The lights had gone out.Randy Hanshaw was in the darkest trenches of the horse world, a kill buyer’s lot. Hanshaw, a long-time horse enthusiast, and operator of Pasture Time Equine Sanctuary in Fredericksburg, TX, a participating shelter in ...read more

G-G promo image


I started volunteering with Pasture Pals Equine Rescue in May of 2015. I came here looking to get back into horses. I had leased a horse for a while, even tried my hand at barrel racing until life happened (aka 3 kids). It had been quite a while since I'd been around horses, when ...read more


The Season of Giving

November 2016November is a time to give thanks for what we have and to give help to those who don’t. It feels good to give back, and there are so many ways to do it. Every non-profit organization ramps up their fundraising activities this time of year, and programs such as ...read more


Success Comes in all Shapes and Sizes: Josie’s Story

Many years ago, I opened my riding school and needed a few horses with the correct temperament for teaching children to ride. This was more difficult than I expected it to be. One of my searches took me to a “dealer barn” where there were hundreds of horses to choose from. But I ...read more

Surrendered to a New Life: A “Chance” Encounter promo image

Surrendered to a New Life: A “Chance” Encounter

In July of 2015, I received a call from a girl asking if I would rent one of my horse trailers so that she could move her two horses. She agreed to return the trailer the evening of the same day that she picked it up and arrangements were made.She showed up early on the ...read more

Wheatly promo image


I have volunteered at Glen Ellen Vocational Academy (GEVA), an Equine Sanctuary for Retirement and Rehabilitation in Glen Ellen, CA, for almost 9 years now, and during that entire time, whenever I’ve told someone I volunteer at a horse rescue/sanctuary, the first thing they ...read more


Surprise, Elation, and Gratitude

These are my three favorite emotions, but when one’s daily work involves unwanted horses, they are rarely the most common. Last week, I was fortunate to experience all three at the same time. Imagine arriving to work at 6:45 a.m., coffee in hand, not quite awake after snoozing on ...read more

Our Farm Equine Rescue Riders

A Home for Every Horse Visits Our Farm Equine Rescue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESeptember 19, 2016Mariah HammerschmidtMHammerschmidt@aimmedia.comA Home for Every Horse (AHFEH) with AIM Studios traveled to Salem, New York on September 8 and 9. We visited Our Farm Equine Rescue (OFER) to continue the series of rescue visits that highlight ...read more


Rescued Standardbred Heals Wounds: Myrna’s Story

By: Lisa Schadt, PresidentManito Life CenterMany years ago, when my riding school was fairly new, I received a phone call from a veterinarian who had met a Standardbred horse on one of her farm visits. The horse was at risk of being euthanized or sold at auction, as she had not ...read more


Reflections on a New Job and Sharing Good News

How time flies. It’s been almost six months since starting work as the Director of the Unwanted Horse Coalition. The transition from three years of rescue work with daily feeding, mucking, grooming, and sundry barn chores to sitting behind a desk has been a big one, yet ...read more



One never knows how things will turn out when dealing with horses. Much has to do with experience, and much has to do with lady Luck, and often it happens that the horse knows best.Junior, now also known as Cory, was in need of a home. His owner was no longer able to keep him for ...read more


Equine Comeback Challenge Update - Kiss My Sass

Story from Kiss My Sass Aka Aida's new family:Since we adopted "Aida", we've had such a wonderful experience getting to learn about her personality. She is stabled in a barn with a lot of other horses so she's been getting to know them quite well. She's in lessons every week for ...read more