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Nominate your favorite horse rescue!

AHFEH 10 Year Anniversary Mosaic Home Page Feature (940 x 535 px)

Celebrate 10 Years of finding forever homes for horses in need by helping us give back to the rescues putting in thankless and tireless days to make everything we do possible.

Over the years...

  • 10,000 horses adopted
  • 1,500 tons of feed donated
  • 1,200 horses blanketed

To celebrate, we have partnered with our sponsors to giveaway a total of $1,500 worth of prizes to 5 different rescues, $300 worth of value each. In addition to the following prizes will be AHFEH swag and goodies! 

1. Purina: 10 free bags of Purina horse feed 2. WeatherBeeta: a GreenTec medium weight blanket, 3. Tractor Supply: $250 Tractor Supply Gift Card, 4. Absorbine: $200 worth of Absorbine product, 5. AHFEH: $250 Visa Gift Card