Do You Know About 'A Home For Every Horse'?


With America's horse rescues full to overflowing, wouldn't it be great if there were some easy, reliable way for adopters to find available horses online?

Yes, and guess what--there is! The Equine Network, of which Horse&Rider is a part, has partnered with the Unwanted Horse Coalition to create and power a match-up site called A Home For Every Horse. The project is sponsored by Purina and Tractor Supply Company. Horse rescues can list their horses at Equine.com at no cost, and potential adopters can find all the current listings right at their fingertips.

There's also a Facebook page just for A Home For Every Horse. Plus, the Facebook page editors for each publication in the Equine Network also features a horse of the week. We're beginning to collect some wonderful stories of how horses have found their new homes through this service.

It'd be great if you could help pass the word. Thanks!