Update on Rico after the Pennsylvania Equine Comeback Challenge


Since the PA Equine Comeback Challenge, Rico Suave has done nothing but be a horse. Two weeks after the challenge (I kept him in quarantine upon return to be safe as we have 18 horses at home), Rico was introduced to the herd at Renegade Wind. Even now, Nick is still his security blanket but he has developed friendships with several other horses. I often see him playing and mock fighting and it brings joy to my spirit. Although 8 years old, Rico acts much younger and I feel it is important that he has plenty of down time and opportunity to mature psychologically. At the same time, his body continues to gain health and strength. Although he is still cribbing, we recently experienced what I believe is the beginning of a breakthrough in reducing that activity. We are in the process of removing grain from his diet and feeding him only hay and alfalfa/timothy hay pellets. We are supplementing with aloe juice, probiotics and vitamin pellets. Even though we are just a few days into his new regimen and have not totally eliminated the grain, Rico is already cribbing less. Some research has indicated cribbing to have physical as well as psychological roots and we are doing all we can to address every aspect of Rico's environment to promote his optimal well being and development.

Rico and Indiglo Playing 1

Photo Captions: 

In the first two pics, Rico is playing with herd mate and preferred playmate, Indiglo. The third picture is Rico eating out of our hay cart that I pull on the back of the 4-wheeler. The last picture is one I just took of him sporting his Weatherbeeta Equine Comeback Challenge winter blanket is some freezing rain while he vainly sought shelter under a leafless tree in our pasture.

Rico and Indiglo Playing 2
Rico Blanket
Rico Hay Cart