Fallen Horses in Pinon Hills California Adoption Story


Larry Palmer adopted his first horse from Fallen Horses in Pinon Hills California. When Larry walked on to the Fallen Horses Rescue Larry knew he was at the right rescue. Larry states “I do not think I could ever be more pleased than I am now with their (Fallen Horses) services”. 

Larry has been dreaming of owning a horse since he was 5 years old, but couldn't afford to care for his own for many years. Larry started with rodeo, went off to the military and rode trail horses just to be close to horses. Although continuing to be around the horses constantly, Larry’s passion has always been to care for his own horse, to come see the horse when he gets off of work and be able to feed every morning and night and just go out to see the horse whenever he wanted.

Larry contacted Victoria at Fallen Horses Rescue and told her exactly what he was looking for; my level of riding ability, when I was looking to purchase this horse, and how much I could spend. Victoria let Larry know she did not have anything that fit what Larry was looking for at the time but was going to call him when she found just the one.

Victoria called Larry in October 2013 and met his horse Currency Trader (CT) and was overjoyed with excitement. Larry states “To this day I am still full of joy! Fallen Horses has made this 52 year old man’s dream come true”.