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Report from Mikey's Rescue Bus (Saturday a.m.)


Mikey just called to say she's about 2 1/2 hours from the livestock market. Cell reception is spotty in Idaho's mountains, so we didn't get to dwell long on the phone. Details of her drive will have to wait--but the good news is, the sun's coming up, so she won't have to keep truckin' in the dark.

I'm about to go load a few essentials into the truck, and head south to meet her. On the list:

* Coffee--lots.
* Goodies for a tailgate breakfast.
* Camera.
* Thank-you card for Mikey, with check enclosed for first month's sponsorship of The Horse.
* iPod, loaded with "I Drove All Night," by Roy Orbison. (Join the mood by hearing it on YouTube.)
* Helpful husband, in case we need extra aid in loading The Horse into Mikey's trailer.
* Room left for two other friends, Steve and Chris, who also want to come along and meet the FEARLESS rig as it arrives.

To be continued.