Feeding Weanlings for Growth, Health and Soundness

Reading Time: 5 minutes FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Susan Libby, susan@uckele.com The two life stages that have the most intensive nutritional needs are mares in early lactation and weanlings. Their requirements per pound of body weight are the highest.Nutrient dense diets are those that have high levels of protein/amino acids and minerals per calorie. As you might expect, mineral […]

Where Would We Be Without Horses? Volunteers Speak Out!

Reading Time: 4 minutes FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 22, 2018 View this release online Contact: Lynn Coakley mail@equusfoundation.org  203-259-1550 “Knowing that I helped someone heal is the greatest feeling,” said Brittany Williams, a volunteer at StableStrides in Elbert, CO. Williams is one of five volunteers to receive Ariat boots as part of the EQUUS Foundation Champions program, sponsored by […]