Creating the Right Diet for Your Horse

Reading Time: 8 minutes Credit to The Horse Your horse’s nutritional requirements depend on his life stage and individual needs    Base forage selection on the type necessary to meet nutrient requirements. For a mature idle horse, this is typically an early to late-head grass hay. | iStock All horses need the same essential nutrients—water for cellular, tissue, and […]

Feeding Metabolic Horses: Risky Business or Simple Solutions

Reading Time: 6 minutes The diagnosis of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) has come a long way. Credit to: Purina Animal Nutrition But even with recent advances and increased scientific interest in EMS, the disease can still be difficult to pinpoint, leaving horse owners frustrated with how to manage a horse with this condition. In many cases, horses suffer acute […]

Keeping Water Troughs Thawed With or Without a Heater

Reading Time: 3 minutes One equine nutritionist offers tips and asks for your input on dealing with ice in horse watering tanks. Credit to: The Horse Q. Winter has barely started, and I’m already tired of breaking ice in my horses’ water trough. Is there anything I can do to help stop the water from freezing other than some […]

Spring Checklist: Pasture Management for Horses

Reading Time: 4 minutes Credit to: Purina Green grass can be a great addition to a horse’s health, both mentally and physically. Horses love the taste of green grass and it can be very nutritious during the right stages of maturity, not to mention the joys of being out in a pasture relaxing and being a horse. However, spring […]

Feeding Basics for Horses, Miniature Horses and Ponies

Reading Time: 4 minutes For horses, miniature horses and ponies to perform their best, they need the correct nutritional building blocks. Credit to: Purina Animal Nutrition Just like people, all equines need protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as energy (calories) to support maintenance, growth, reproduction and work. Forage In nature, horses spend most of their time eating – […]

Getting the Best Horse Feed Nutrition & Value for Your Money

Reading Time: 3 minutes It seems as though diesel, groceries, fertilizer, grain and hay are all on the price escalator going up, up, up. Credit to: Purina Animal Nutrition   There are many reasons for soaring prices, including pressure on crops from ethanol production, higher fuel prices, poor climate conditions in some areas and the declining value of the […]

Challenges in Caring for Therapy Horses 

CHAPS volunteers posing with a rider on a horse

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ask any rider and they’ll likely tell you the first place they go after a tough day is to the barn. The healing power of horses is no secret to those who spend time around horses regularly. Equine Assisted Services (EAS) brings together horses and humans to work as one towards a common goal — […]

Feeding the Growing Foal to Meet Nutrient Needs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Proper nutrition is vital for your foal’s health and can ensure he reaches his genetic potential. Credit to: The Horse Posted by Karen Davison, PhD  Q: When should I start introducing my foal to hay and grain to make the transition easier after weaning? A: This is an important topic to understand, because the goal for developing youngsters […]

Winter Drinking Water Temperature

Reading Time: 2 minutes Horses’ overall water consumption decreases as its temperature drops. Credit to: The Horse Posted by Clair Thunes, PhD  Q: Should I give my horses warm drinking water in the cold weather? What are the pros and cons of warm drinking water versus cold during the winter? A: Drinking water is one of the most important aspects of horse […]

Maintaining Your Horse’s Weight During the Winter

Reading Time: 4 minutes The best winter weight management practice could be consistent monitoring of your horse’s body condition. Credit to: The Horse Posted by Clair Thunes, PhD  Q: I have the easiest keeper in the barn. He lives out 24/7 on grass with free-choice hay as needed and is fed only a ration balancer. Now that winter is officially here […]