Feeding the Growing Foal to Meet Nutrient Needs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Proper nutrition is vital for your foal’s health and can ensure he reaches his genetic potential. Credit to: The Horse Posted by Karen Davison, PhD  Q: When should I start introducing my foal to hay and grain to make the transition easier after weaning? A: This is an important topic to understand, because the goal for developing youngsters […]

Feeding the Senior Horse With Dental Problems

Reading Time: 3 minutes As your horse ages, dental problems might develop that require changes to his diet. Credit to: The Horse Posted by Clair Thunes, PhD | Q:My senior horse is missing most of his teeth and cannot eat hay like he used to. How can I make sure he has enough fiber in his diet now that he eats […]

How to Choose the Right Calories for Your Horse

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit to: The Horse Feeding your horse good-quality feed and forage can help him gain weight in a safe way. Posted by Kelly Vineyard, MS, PhD       Q: I’ve got a recently retired Thoroughbred racehorse. He’s rangy and could use some more weight and bloom on his coat, but it’s winter. How can I get him going […]

Do you have a senior horse that’s trying to age gracefully?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Credit to: Purina Animal Nutrition Choose the #1 equine vet recommended senior feed for your horse. We’re years ahead in senior research, so you can have more good years with your senior horse. Unparalleled Research to Support the Unique Needs of Your Horse Purina® Equine Senior® and Purina® Senior Active® horse feeds are backed by unparalleled research and our […]

Feeding Basics for Horses, Miniature Horses and Ponies

Reading Time: 4 minutes Credit to: Purina Animal Nutrition For horses, miniature horses and ponies to perform their best, they need the correct nutritional building blocks. Just like people, all equines need protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as energy (calories) to support maintenance, growth, reproduction and work. Forage In nature, horses spend most of their time eating – […]

Refeeding a Malnourished Horse to Excellent Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes Credit to: Kelly Vineyard, M.S., Ph.D. Senior Nutritionist, Equine Technical Solutions Purina Animal Nutrition With quality veterinary care and a proper nutrition plan, you can successfully bring malnourished horses back to good health, allowing them to enjoy a promising future. Use these tips to avoid refeeding complications and to create the best nutrition plan for […]

Body Condition Scoring Your Horse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Credit for Article: Purina Animal Nutrition Body condition influences everything in your horse’s life, from reproductive efficiency, to performance, to good health. By using Body Condition Scoring, you can find out what kind of shape your horse is in, and work to improve the score. Scoring focuses on critical areas of the body, based on […]

Six Signs of Good Quality Horse Hay

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit to: Purina Animal Nutrition Forage makes up between 50 and 90 percent or more of a horse’s diet. Much of the forage part of the diet comes in the form of hay. Because it’s such a big part of the ration, a good quality hay can help keep a horse healthy, while a poor […]

A Volunteers View

woman kissing brown foal

Reading Time: 2 minutes Story submitted by Equine WellBeing Rescue Volunteer. What it means to be a horse rescue volunteer Most of the stories I have read have been by the rescue about a volunteer. I thought I would give a different perspective of what it means to me to be a horse rescue volunteer. When I started at […]

Adopted OTTBs Try Cattle Sorting

Off the track thoroughbred takes on cattle at western clinic

Reading Time: 5 minutes Story submitted by Chelsey Burris Off-track Thoroughbreds are versatile. While they are becoming highly sought-after partners in many English disciplines, they are also becoming increasingly popular in Western sports. On May 8, three Friends of Ferdinand Inc. (FFI) graduates and one adoptable horse—Bisque, Is He Proud, Vindication Ally and Soy Sauce—attended an intro to cattle […]