How to Choose the Right Calories for Your Horse

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit to: The Horse Feeding your horse good-quality feed and forage can help him gain weight in a safe way. Posted by Kelly Vineyard, MS, PhD       Q: I’ve got a recently retired Thoroughbred racehorse. He’s rangy and could use some more weight and bloom on his coat, but it’s winter. How can I get him going […]

Adopted OTTBs Try Cattle Sorting

Off the track thoroughbred takes on cattle at western clinic

Reading Time: 5 minutes Story submitted by Chelsey Burris Off-track Thoroughbreds are versatile. While they are becoming highly sought-after partners in many English disciplines, they are also becoming increasingly popular in Western sports. On May 8, three Friends of Ferdinand Inc. (FFI) graduates and one adoptable horse—Bisque, Is He Proud, Vindication Ally and Soy Sauce—attended an intro to cattle […]

Behaviour & Safety Q & A

Reading Time: 2 minutes FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Jackie Bellamy-Zions Communications Equine Guelph Guelph, ON N1G 2W1 519.824.4120 ext. 54756 If you work around horses, safety is of paramount concern. Learning horsemanship through understanding equine behavior and language is one of the best ways to reduce physical risks. Equine Guelph is offering their Horse Behaviour and Safety […]

Starting the Older Horse

Reading Time: 8 minutes Working with an older but still inexperienced horse poses special challenges but also promises unique rewards.

Rescue Report: Finding a Trainer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding a trainer can be like dating: painful and awkward until you find the right one. But I needed to find a good eventing trainer for my rescue horse, Banjo. I wanted to learn about eventing, a completely new discipline for me. I’d been attending local events to observe people competing at the lower levels. […]

Retraining Ex-Racehorses

Reading Time: 2 minutes Retraining ex-racehorses takes patience and tolerance, but can eventually result in excellent riding horses in any number of equestrian fields. By Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.