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Choose the #1 equine vet recommended senior feed for your horse.

We’re years ahead in senior research, so you can have more good years with your senior horse.

Unparalleled Research to Support the Unique Needs of Your Horse

Purina® Equine Senior® and Purina® Senior Active® horse feeds are backed by unparalleled research and our years of supporting the unique needs of horses as they age. Both patented feeds include ActiveAge® Prebiotic Technology to support optimal immune function, mobility and appropriate metabolic response in aging horses. With Outlast® Supplement, they also support your horse’s gastric health and comfort. Trust the future for your old friend to the #1 equine vet recommended senior horse feed.

Which Senior Feed Is Right for Your Horse?

Not all senior horses are the same, and their nutritional needs vary as well. See what senior horse feed is right for your friend:

Equine Senior

Complete feed with hay built in for the unique needs of senior horses

      • #1 Veterinarian recommended senior horse feed

      • Supports digestion and health

      • Comprehensive support

    Purina® Equine Senior® Active

    For active, aging horses – designed for feeding with hay or pasture

        • Nutrition for healthy activity

        • Controlled starch and sugar formula

        • Comprehensive support

        • Added beet pulp

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      Research Reviews

      Learn more from a summary of research conducted at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center:

        An Overview of Activeage® Prebiotic Technology:

        Learn How Outlast® Gastric Support Acts Faster, Lasts Longer and Outperforms the Competition:


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