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Story submitted by Equine WellBeing Rescue Volunteer.

What it means to be a horse rescue volunteer

Two bay horses with one female and one male volunteer at horse rescue
Equine Well Being Volunteers

Most of the stories I have read have been by the rescue about a volunteer. I thought I would give a different perspective of what it means to me to be a horse rescue volunteer. When I started at Equine Wellbeing Rescue I thought it would be great place to gain experience with animals of different sorts. I first thought it might be was a scary place filled with abused and neglected horses or donkeys. I was wrong, I now know it is so much more than that. It is a place of recovery and love. You get to watch an animal regain its strength, courage and confidence. And it has given me the opportunity to show these animals unconditional love and gain their trust and that respect makes every moment I spend volunteering worthwhile. 

The things you learn as a volunteer

Not only have I been able to participate in the recovery of the animals at the rescue. But I have been taught and trained on many subjects on the basic care of horses and donkeys; things like nutrition, hoof care, and behavior. I have been able to watch and learn from trainers working with young horses, to helping with medical care by giving out daily medications and assisting in injections of antibiotics. I have been shown how to use different halters and what they are used for. Grooming tools and how to use them. The differences in feed like bermuda vs alfalfa hay and why we use the different forages. All things that have prepared me to live out one of my lifelong dreams to have a horse of my own. 

Learn more about horse care here.

Christine Griffin, the founder of the rescue has provided me with so much knowledge and support in preparing me for obtaining this goal. My time with Christine has given me the confidence to adopt two donkeys and two horses. Because of the Equine Wellbeing Rescue, our family as well as our hearts have grown.

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Providing loving rehabilitation, nursing and hospice care for equine with medical needs and find homes or sanctuary for others at risk.

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