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April 29, 2015

Boulder, Colo. – CANTER Kentucky was recognized by A Home for Every Horse at the Rolex Three-Day- Event; a non–profit Kentucky corporation formed initially to stage the 1978 World Three–Day Event Championships at the brand new Kentucky Horse Park. CANTER Kentucky is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing retiring racehorses with opportunities for new careers after the finish line.

As part of the recognition of the hard work to help horses find new careers done by CANTER Kentucky (; the sponsors of A Home for Every Horse presented the rescue with some horse-care gifts to take back to the rescue. Including; a new WeatherBeeta blanket and twenty-four tubes of Zoetis Strongid paste.

Amanda Graham, Executive Director for CANTER Kentucky, said “Most thoroughbreds have a strong work ethic and are usually retired from racing at a young age (between 5-8 years old). These horses have many years ahead of them and can be retrained for successful sport horse careers or as pleasure/trail riding horses. We try to ensure a good match between rider and our adoptable horses so it’s a win/win situation especially for our horses. Each horse has a different personality, just like humans, and it’s always interesting to see what our horse’s strengths and weaknesses are and how they respond to retraining and human interaction.”

“The most rewarding part of adopting our horses is to see them excel in new careers outside of the racing industry. We love getting updates and pictures and seeing our horses thrive in their new environment. It makes volunteering for CANTER so worthwhile when you see that special bond between our horses and their new owners”, said Graham. Graham continues to explain why they are part of A Home for Every Horse as a rescue organization, “A Home for Every Horse website not only lists horses that are in need of homes but also promotes events like the Equine Comeback Challenge that highlights the abilities and skills of rescue horses and how “useful” they can be in new careers which is similar to the work we do with retired racehorses”.

If you want more information on rescue horses or you want to locate a rescue near you, please check out and the Active Interest Media Equine Network have joined forces with the American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition to launch A Home for Every Horse Project.

This project helps find homes for America’s 170,000 to 200,000 horses in need of care and shelter.Here’s how it works:• Begin the search for your next equine partner You can search horses waiting for homes at nonprofit shelters across the country. Browse by rescue horse, or find rescue organizations in your area.

• Visit the site’s “Services” section to learn about your local rescue organizations. Find out how you can volunteer, donate, or simply spread the word.

• Look for upcoming stories on related to horse rescue.

If your 501(c)(3) rescue organization would like to join the Home For Every Horse Project, call (866) 467-7323, ext. 100. is a part of Active Interest Media Equine Network.


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