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April 26th is National Help a Horse Day and we’re encouraging people to get involved. Over the past 10 years A Home for Every Horse and partners have helped rescue members find homes for over 10,000 horses. Here are some ways you can help a horse and contribute to the success of the next 10,000 horses!


  • Time is valuable and there’s always a place someone will appreciate it. This time can be spent doing simple things like grooming, mucking or feeding.
  • Have a special talent or work experience? Volunteer your time helping with things like social media, photography, marketing, fundraising etc!


  • Fostering a horse means you provide for its needs like it’s your own until it gets adopted or the rescue you are working with has space. Fostering isn’t for everyone but if you’re able to take in and care for a horse in need, you could be the sole reason a horse gets a second chance in life.


  • Whether you are looking for a companion animal, trail horse or performance horse, adopting is a great option! Check out available horses here.


  • Donating doesn’t just mean money. If you have any extra tack, equipment, blankets, or feed laying around that you don’t use they could be donated and have a big impact on a horse’s life. 
  • Maybe you don’t have time to spend, but do have money. Monetary donations are always welcome and have a big impact on a rescue, no matter how big or small. 

Spread Awareness

  • Sharing information about the good works rescues are doing can go a long way. This might look like sharing a social post or telling friends and family about a local rescue. You may even know someone with extra tack or equipment that can be donated to a greater cause. Remember, a little goes a long way.
  • Sharing adoptable horses is something that may not seem like a big deal but can be an essential step in that horse finding its forever home. If you aren’t in a place to foster or adopt, extending information on horses looking for homes could help land a horse in his forever home. You never know who your social media is going to reach, but it could reach the news feed of someone looking for their next best friend. 

If Helping a Horse is something heavy on your heart, check out our rescue list to find a A Home For Every Horse rescue near you!


Know of a rescue and they aren’t on the list? Send their website to We would love to meet them and find out how we can help them help horses. 

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

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